Zack Marsh, CFO of Mintaka Financial was quoted in the ELFA Magazine’s May/June issue cover story. Alongside the select handful of industry professionals chosen to start the ELFA Emerging Talent Advisory Council (ETAC), Zack advises the the next-generation workforce with his tips for guiding a new career towards success.

Through the experience from his own career journey, Zack identifies the unique value that an Executive Coach can provide and shares these insights in this article.

As Chair Emeritus of the ETAC, Zack will talk about executive coaching this summer at Emergence2018; a two-day event to develop the industry’s emerging leaders by helping them consider the steps they can take to grow their careers and provide greater value to the industry.


“Focusing on goal-setting and where you envision yourself can help you set your sights on what it will take to get there.”


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