Full Circle, LLC, partners with Mintaka Financial LLC, a subsidiary of Orion First Financial LLC, to better serve their small business credit customers.

August 30th, 2010 – Mintaka Financial LLC, a subsidiary of Orion First Financial, LLC announced today that Full Circle, LLC, of Wenatchee, WA, has invested in Mintaka Financial LLC, joining with four other independent commercial finance firms as an equity stakeholder and service outlet for this small business specialty finance company.

“Mintaka is enthusiastic about working with Full Circle Finance, continuing to grow our small business credit service network across the country. Tim Cetto and his team at Full Circle are exceptional at working with small business owners to find the best credit solutions for their business” said David T. Schaefer, founder and President of Mintaka Financial.

“Full Circle Finance believes that small business lending is a relationship business, based on more than just a credit score. The Mintaka program reflects this point of view and substantially enhances our ability to serve the credit needs of our small business clients, enabling them to grow and provide more jobs in their communities” said Tim Cetto, president of Full Circle.

About Full Circle

Full Circle, LLC was established in Wenatchee WA in 2009 by Tim Cetto, who has enjoyed over 30 years of success, providing small businesses with financing solutions. Full Circle distinguishes itself by taking the time to understand their clients’ business needs and long-term goals before choosing the best solution from a variety of credit options, including equipment loans and leases, working capital loans, accounts receivable financing and credit card advances. More information about Full Circle can be found at www.fullcirclellc.us.

About Mintaka Financial

Mintaka Financial LLC, located in Gig Harbor WA, was established in December 2004, as a commercial finance company specializing in serving the needs of small businesses across the United States. Mintaka provides equipment leases and loans, originated through a limited group of independent small business finance companies that share ownership in Mintaka. These companies are specialists in small business credit service, selected to participate in the Mintaka program based on their experience and reputation in the industry, and their dedication to building long term relationships with their small business clients. To learn more about Mintaka, please call (888) 705-8778, ext. 1097 or visit www.mintakafinancial.com.