quentin_cote-webGig Harbor, WA, September 15, 2016 – Mintaka Financial LLC, announced today that Quentin Cote has joined the Leadership team as Executive Vice President. Mr. Cote brings over 25 years of specialty finance leadership to the Mintaka Financial team. His roles at Mintaka will include overseeing growth through its multi-channel funding programs, strengthening partnerships, and furthering development efforts.

“Quentin is an invaluable addition to the Mintaka Financial team, as his diverse executive expertise will be of great value to our organization,” says David T. Schaefer, CEO of Mintaka Financial. “In his new role as EVP, Mr. Cote will continue our multi-faceted growth initiatives through the lens of both funding and channel partnerships. I am very excited for the future of Mintaka with Quentin overseeing these crucial elements related to our success.”

“Small business is the backbone of the American economy, and I am honored to join a team with such a focus on its prosperity. Through my career I’ve worn many different hats in the financial sector and the chance to work with Mintaka Financial is going to be an exciting new chapter,” commented Quentin Cote. “I am especially excited to help Mintaka and our partners meet and surpass their organizational growth goals.”

As a Senior Financial Executive, Quentin has deep experience in private investing, specialty finance, structured finance, and capital markets. He has worked as an executive advisor on issues of capitalization and corporate development, and is experienced in team-building as well as portfolio construction and asset management.